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Web Site Development & Management
Duration: 2 day (4 half-days or Evenings)
This course is aimed at individuals who wish to design an Intranet or Internet website for their company. This course provides the advice, skills and techniques, enabling them to take on the position of Webmaster or oversee a third party.
Course Requirements
Participants should be familiar with the Intranet, Internet and Email.
They should possess a good knowledge of computing.
Course available for Mac and PC formats

Course Content

Creating a Website
Behind the scenes of HTML?
Different styles for affect
The first step in designing your site
The 3 HOW’s – Much, Long and How?

Editors & Graphics
Which Editor is suited?
How they work?
Creating customised graphics
Other resources available to you
DHTML – Dynamic HTML

Basic HTML
Head, Body, Tags and Attributes
Images and Links
Icons, Graphics, Borders and Fonts
Tables Lists and Forms
Frames and FTP
File Sizes – Images, Text, Sound, etc.

Feedback / Criticism / Commerce
Finding your Audience
Active/Interactive Website
Feedback and Chat
Secure Transactions
Hot Tips of the Trade

Next Step in Designing your Site
Questions for your company
Paper Design – Storyboard
Coordinate you Plan
Decide on a Webmaster

Launching your Website
Search Engines (how to get noticed)
Registering Online
Study the Current Market
Swapping Links
Banner Advertisement

Capturing / Altering Images
Scanners and Software
Image Alterations and Compression

Domains and Hosting
Criteria and Cost
Prominence, Publicity and Promotion



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