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HTML - Introduction
Duration: 1 day (2 half-days or Evenings)
This Course is suitable for candidates who wish to create and edit documents with HTML, for use on the World Wide Web or on a corporate intranet.
Course Requirements
A working knowledge of computers.

Course Content

Overview of HTML
Introduction to HTML
Creating an HTML document

Formatting Text
Paragraph formatting with HTML
Character formatting with HTML

Adding Links
Adding local links
Adding remote links
Adding internal links with the named anchor tag

Adding Graphics
Linking to and embedding graphics
Linking to multimedia files
Creating lists in HTML

Creating Lists
Creating nested lists
Creating tables in HTML

Creating and Modifying Tables
Creating advanced table elements

Setting Body and Background Attributes
Setting backgrounds and text colors
Web page design guidelines

Web Page Style Considerations
Adding links to other Internet services
Links to non-Web Internet Services

HTML - Advanced
Duration: 1 day One day. (2 half days or evenings)
This course is suitable for candidates who have completed a HTML introduction course and wish to learn advanced features to create web pages and manage web sites.
Course Requirements
A working knowledge of computers and an understanding of HTML basics.

Course Content

Advanced Tables
Creating nested tables
Using tables for page layout

Incorporating graphics into a document
Creating and using image maps

Creating Forms
Introduction to forms
Using advanced input types
Setting input type attributes
Creating a text area
Creating form list boxes

Overview of frames
Creating frames
Applying frame attributes
Using nested framesets

Dynamic and interactive documents
Interactive Web pages
JavaScript in HTML documents


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